(somewhat) Weekly Updates.~

Hey all (to anyone who reads these) just wanted to let you all know
that S*R is now on a somewhat weekly schedule. This means it will update once a week (and sometimes 2 times if I can manage my time right orz.) Haaa- I need to buy more paper while Im thinking about being responsible xD *and ink pens*

Okay just wanted to let you know. I'll re-type this on the next update~ (which will be Wed./thur.)



I hope it works out better for you posting once a week! I'll be looking forward to your updates. >w<

Oh, I'm curious! If you don't mind me asking, do you ink S*R pages digitally or by hand? Either way, your lines are amazingly crisp and clean and gorgeous. I can't stop drooling over them. *q*


Hi salis, lol thanks for your well wishes C:~

Well I ink mostly by hand, but I use SAI for small details cause I dont own nib pens xD (also for large black areas and black hair cause I can't afford to buy ink pens often) But majority I do by hand. x)<33

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