July 22nd, 2010, 5:43 pm

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Author's Comments:


I disappear for awhile then comeback and shove more characters in your faces. D: But I also come back to see that this comic has over 400+ plus now, THANK YOU!

Ill try even harder on the next update!

And sorry, this page only has half-faces.


User's Comments:


O.O I get lost like that all the time.... *feels nostalgic*


Lol, that's a nice escape, Alin XD
Olala~ I wonder who is that new hot dude! He reminds me of Kaile. Sorta. Just guessin' -0w0-


crystalgardian>> lol xD
Anime>> Hes not much of a fighter ouo lol (Oh Kaile exists in my other fail story ;^;) Ill get to the next page quickly to show you his face! x)


that last panel is great XD i don't know what about it i like so much...maybe the grin? haha!


I'm almost done drawing the 2nd page of one of my comics. Then 2 more pages for another then 2 more pages i hope to make for HASA X)
haha can't wait for this next update.


lol Omg finally caught up! x) Im already loving mr.new charactrer here, he seems really cool.8D


mildtarantual>> lol thank you! =D
BK>>Yaay :D then I can't wait for your to update too. 030
fwatts>> thanks! ^^

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