July 4th, 2010, 3:05 pm

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Author's Comments:


Happy 4th everyone~

My events got rained out, so I guess Ill be manualing updating after all.~

Oh and Alin's not bleeding because Mr.PonPon can't "physically" hurt people even though it looked like he bite off his hand, so Alin passed out because he thought his hand would be chewed off and not because it hurt lol. (more to be explained later as the story slowly progresses, yay!)

*goes to look for food orz*


User's Comments:


LOL He is maaaad! XD


Alin's mad face is adorable. *u* Interesting Mr.ponpon can't harm people.


ohmeygawd mr.ponpon is cute/annoying 8D (but I want to take him home with me anyway)
Aw sorry your stuff got rained out mi D:


Alin, if you don't want Mr. PonPon then I'll gladly accept him *3*
this page looks amazing as usual <33


Woohoo~ Alin's expressions are WIN <333
Mr.PonPon sure loves attention XD


lol he fainted! XD Oh Alin......so fragile -smooch-;D
I hope he finds peace one day


I guess Mr.ponpon should run now >v> less he get the full wrath of Alin. XD


I love your linework ;A; it's so nice and your style is really cute too! I look forward to more.^^


Mr.PonPon is so cute! Alin says he hates him now but I'm sure they'll become good friends in the future, right? ;u;
I wonder what else Alin will run into besides Mr.PonPon... >83


I'm lovin' this :D

it doesn't start out boring like most school related crap xD


lololol Alin why so cute?
I love this comic so far *u* your linearts are so clean and smooth >n<!!


nerero>> lol indeed~ xD
gigi>> Yea more to be explained later as I get this story moving ;0; To me it looks confusing so far
luver>> its okay, lol yes. He is very much so.~~
dii>> lol After he was done annoying Alin he'd probably go annoy Yuuki (he seems to get pretty annoyed easily) haha xD- Thank you!
Anime>> He does ;3; (maybe an underlying hate for Alin for being a main character lawl)
bolohanl>> Haha he can only hope for that. D':
Hionchurry>> The full wrath of him would be the equivilant to an angray koala~~~xD
fwatts>> Thank you! =D
salis>> Oh ofc! lol Its how all healthy relationships start out right?? xD (forces them to hold hands)
Maiumaoro>> Thank you!~
Bett>> Thank you! ;u; lol its an illusion! Its actually pretty
messy up close, I just shrink it till it looks nice.~/bricked//

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