June 27th, 2010, 5:58 pm

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Author's Comments:


lolz Im back from vaca.!~ I worked on this page while I was away. This and the previous page were done in SAI so thats why it all lookes freakishly clean. xD
*I screwed up the rough for page 08 and I didnt have a scanner with me to do page 09* So digital was the next option.~

Heeee we're back to Alin now~ all incapacitated and what not<333

I also uploaded the banner image (finally!) Its actually a mock "CD Cover" for Soul*rate! Im not really sure what kind of music'd be on it though. xD

edit: Ill fix the hands later. They still look off to meh....


User's Comments:


I came to check my faves and saw that you updated!! =D I love Roe/Eden lol they are so cute! And is that Alin?haha can't wait for the next page.0W0




N'awwwww XD Those two will be a lovable couple I think :)


It's freakishly clean, alright XDD
Wow~ You're so good at drawing hands =3
Lol, poor Alin. *blows his hand* (&#65342;0&#65342;)


Hope you had a great vacation, Miro~!
Wow, you draw hands so well! And aww! Eden and Roe are so cute together. I hope nothing sets those two apart! ;A;
Yay! Alin! Hee hee, he seems to be in pain... <3

Love the banner image in full. I love mock CD covers! It looks so gorgeous and official! *o*


Welcome back Mi! LOL I love how it goes from soft and sweet to pain and anguish XD Poor Alin though, hope he will LIVE!!


kyuuuute ;c; I love your hands on this page miro<3 I hope Alin's gonna be okay D: (he looks like he's in pain)


nice. love the toning!

Chikage Godo,

miro-chaaaaaaan, teach me how to draw HANDS!!! 8B *is an epic fail at it*

btw did you purchase SAI or is it just trial version? C:


bolohanl>> daw thanks 030 *glad you look forward to my updating xD* I'd really like to move the story faster but my hands are retarded orzorz
yoweslow>> thanks!
everlong>> I hope so too :D (I feel horrible that I have no idea what their outcome will be as a couple though ,haha~)
anime610>> I l.o.v.e hands x) (use to hate them lolz) aww Alin thanks you when he gets up off the floor.~
salis>> thanks salis it was good ^0^ aww I hope so too ;A;
Yea I've always liked when authors portray their characters in other things besides the story ^w^ -thanks<33
luver>> thanks<33 He must live! otherwise the story gets nowhere D: ...kinda.
gigi>> hands are so interesting lol daw I think he just passed out before the pain really set in.~
hrooper>>thank you! c:
chika>> waaah you have an account too asldfjasldkjf! Uuu I should make a tut cause everyone seems to like my hands, though I think they need work ;A; *puts on list of things 2do* I bought sai after my trial ended~ *best buy ever!*

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