June 19th, 2010, 7:53 pm

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Author's Comments:


OMG Thanks for 300+ D: Ha- yea really thanks so much for reading! 0u0
Ill try and update once a week from here on
out.~ Sorry to leave you all hanging....but I did manage to make a gallery and a new banner. ^^;

lol Introducing the couple that can't communicate well (they do infact live together~~.) And if you're confused about them, or their personalities, they will be explained later (like Eden's constant apologizing tone~) I need to get back to Alin lol. The banner image will also be uploaded in full later too.


User's Comments:


Yay! A new page! And it's awesome!! *v* I can't get over how clean your work is. And Roe has become my favorite character so far... er, well, I like Alin, too. And Eden is nice... Ack! I can't choose! I love all your characters!! <3
Love the new banner too! Can't wait to see it in full. :D


Aw chibi Eden looks adorable ^^
and lol@ roe freaking out (but its cute XD) I love the new banner too *A*


They're so cute ;A;


Love this couple very much~ I feel like doing a fanart of them (do show their colours, Miro~ <3<3 X3). *kidnap Roe and make a run for it* (0Q0)

Ooo~ They live together *w*

Awesome banner, Miro! =]


Every time I read the name 'Roe' I think of salmon roe XD

Nice page :) BTW is it just my monitor playing up or does Eden have a darker skin tone?


This is a super cute comic! <3
I can't wait to read more! :D


bawww these two are really cute together miroo-- your toning skills make me drool
how do you make your pages looks so clean? *Q*


heehee Roe your such a dork! XD
I wanna see them hold hands noa, lol they are such a talkative couple. c:


Agrees You have such clean lines. =0
And you comic is so cute too! I love how you make your characters interact in interesting ways. I look forward to more from you Ms.Miro ;D


Just finished reading it!! CANT WAIT FOR MAWRRRR!!!! >w<


i'm intrigued! one thing is roe pronounced 'row' or 'row-ay' ?


Salis> Daww thanks! I try to have interesting/likable characters x//D *much unlike herselflolz* I can't choose between yours either!!!*asdfslkjwallyeyed*
Gigi> Haha guys are funny with serious faces~ *is gonna have fun with him***
dritz> Its Anime Ace~
Tangerine> I love it when couples have trouble communicating how they feel or taking something the wrong way, it makes it cute ^^
anime> omgmoarprettyfanartfromyou!<33;3; Okay umm...crap...I-I gotta do a pic of them soon then!D: gaww
Everlong> aw that is cute xD *maybe I should make him like salmon~* Eden does have a darker skin tone so hopefully its not your monitor. D:
Adestaria> Thank you! :>
dii> Uooh this page was actually done in SAI *thats why its all freakishly clean looking D:* Oh but-but you dun wan my lines anyway ;3; *stares at them up close*
luver> Pfff he is! xD Uuuwn Ill make them next page~~D:
Pulitz-kun> Uuuu thanks! ;v; I'll try my best with this story.
Twilitefairy> Thanks! =D
miwakuzombie> Im happy your interested! Its pronounced like "row" :>


RoE my sister is named Roe... we pronounce it Ro-E but still.

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