June 2nd, 2010, 4:17 pm

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Author's Comments:


Sorry about no update last week @__@ (I explained it in my LJ so I won't rant here xD)
Oh look new characters~~!
I hope I transitioned this okay-ly.
This is my first time having to ink character hair
sooooo yea...kind hard...kinda takes forever.lolz

Roe and Eden~


User's Comments:


Ah, the art on this page is stunning! Such clean lines, great transition too. And yay! New characters! I wonder what's up with Eden... and Roe is gorgeous. *q*


ooo looks so awsome! I love your bg and roe looks hot*0* moar plz<33


Wow Roe looks cute and Eden awww I hope shes okay. 0^0 I really like your skies btw really pretty.^^~<3


OOoo~ Sweet! New characters! =3
Roe looks dashing *w* Aww..., Eden seems to sense something xD


Salis>> Oh really? Thanks ='D Haha yes, though I may have to cut them off just as quickly.=( Eh...*sweeps them away~~*
nerero>> omg haha I...I cant draw hot guys D: lol he'll look different everytime I draw him I bet.xD *can't stay consistent*
gigi>> Daaw thanks gigi;; Im trying to find tuts on toning skies/buildings to use so they look alittle more refined.^^
Anime610>> Thanks! xD lol I think they call it the sixth sense. 0.0 *tries to be mystical~~*


Your style reminds me of something :/ But I can't quite put my finger on it >_<

Anyway, nice comic :) I look forward to following this one ^^


I spotted a hot guy *////Q////*


Everlong>> Oh thanks~^^ Glad your enjoying<33
dii>> D: ....*throws him to you<33*


i wanna know what happens next D: *feels some tension somehow* give her a hug roe~<33


Yuki>> lol well I think your icon is the sexeh one here<33 (been wondering who that is~xDD)
lune>>Gaa must. update. fastuuur. D: *wheezes* He'd be to embaressed I think xD *shoves them closer~~*

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