May 20th, 2010, 3:56 pm

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Reaction time=slooow.

And yea some more bad building attempts. I actually enjoy designing them but drawing them to make them look natural....oof.

Next upload I'll have the thank you pic and buttons.=3

p.s.-And I just figured out the pattern stamp tool! Aaah I've been wanding everything till now *dies*


User's Comments:


lmao! I love Mr.PonPon XD<33

Aww you drew the building nicely though. c:


Lol, that's priceless XD
Nice school building there.. =D


Gigi>> lol yea Im kinda in a rush to get to other characters though, so he may have to go soon. ;c;<33
Anime>> Fwaaaa thank you m'dear~~^^ (we shall always enjoy moments like these at Alin's expense xD) -shotshot-


YAY! i am now logged in! XD lol ooh poor Alin i bet that demon bunny is immortal XD


it looks so cute and evil at the same time lol <3
awww hahah poor Alin ;w; *pats*


I like that you draw your buildings instead of using premade ones ^^b Great job, I look forward to moar =D


lolz I hope he doesnt loose his hand. xD


BK>> Yayz! Haha having immortal things stalking you is just the best huh? ='D
dii>> lol I wish he was cuter but Im not really good at creating stuff like that. xD (he kinda looks like a pokemanz to me though. >v>) *throws ultra ball*
kokorachou>> Oh thank you! lol I'd probably update more frequently if I didn't though. D: *hates long intervals*
Deelee>> Haha I think he hopes for the same. xD
Yuki>> lol I would too...especially like when you're probably about to lose your entire hand. D:


Like pokemon! =D Mr. PonPon uses bite!
Bite is super effective to Alin.
Alin screams.
Scream is uneffective to Mr. PonPon.
Alin faints.
Sindorei recieves 50000 points of lol!
Mr. PonPon wins! =D Yay Mr. PonPon. I feel he's going to be a favorite for me. =3

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