May 9th, 2010, 6:53 pm

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Author's Comments:


Happy mothers day!~
Thanks so much for reading guys! (over 100+ ftw? I need to make something special noa >c>)

Umm so yea, cookies to those who know where his last name derives from (kinda lame...yet somewhat important...maybe) But this page sure was frustrating, but I promised I'd update so I just have to move on. xD

~wonders who he could possibly be talking to~



WhispersinTheMirror>> Thanks so much!
Choco>> comical perspective is the best perspective lol >w> Oh yea I see it now haha, needs some cleaning.
Anime>> Thankya! xD *lol wonky perspective is a lot easier than real thatÂ’s for sure orz*
Shishi Beru>> Aaaa thanks so much Shishi *v* lol so good to know what Im doing is ...actually
right and not wierd or anything (and perspective kills). xDD Gaah thanks again! ='D
thetrashcat>> That would be a laugh xD
Kokkoii-Matoku>> Heey thanks! =D I hope I dun disappoint you then~~x)
gigi>> Aww does everyone want him nabbed?? Haha. Oh and yea you're right! *gives you a
sugar cookie*
WolfyBliss>> Oooo thanks! =)
WolfBliss#2>> Haha I sure will, thanks for reading too =D

User's Comments:


daw what a cutie =3=
I love your inking and Im now rather curious about his last name. |looks it up| keep up the good work!


hanners>> thanks for reading~^^ (er google might help xD)


I like your drawing style a lot. This looks like it's going to be an interesting read. :D


you need to clean up your excess lines, missy. :Y
h, he looks so cute *v*


He knows.. xD

Awww... Love his expression. And great perspective =)

Shishi Beru,

Uwaaa~ ;A; Your art is so cute and this story sounds interesting *u*
Also I reeeally like the backgrounds you've drawn, and the movement and just, everything! *A* You've established the scenery very well, I'm so jealous~ ;3;
Seriously you're off to a great start with this, definitely faving! *u* <3333


Ooh, so adorable! *v*
The storyline is interestinggg~ <33
Pop out (maybe-not-so) random hoodie-wearing girl! 8DDD


I loved your other comic too ^w^ im happy you put them together? lol! <3

Ooooo i wanna know more!


lol I hope hes not talking to stalker girl (watches her pop out and nab him) awww cutest face ever Aliiin x3

edit: looked it up, does it come from the word lepidoptera? (googled it and this came up first xD)


omg moar plz ;3; ahaha Keep up the good work >w<

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