May 7th, 2010, 3:38 pm

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Author's Comments:


Wow thanks so much for reading guys!!!;__;

Haha okay so I ended up not cutting the top panel after all. I knew the angle would be a pain but I TRIED making it work (I dont know what drives me to draw such extreme angles anyway xD). Annnd yea, school uniforms- but I love my guys in uniforms Im afraid. ;)

Derpderp mysteriousgirlinjacket alert~

Edit: Oh god, I didnt notice those buttons....Ill try and make somthing alittle more enjoyable to press~



I'll update a page tomorrow guys~^^

DNAC>>Thank you!
thetrashcat>> Aww thanks ;;
toboe059>> Haha, that would be halariously funny at his expense xD
gigi>> Everyone seems to know his name already.>w> lol yea you can have it if you want.~
choco>>B-because ....idk. lol I guess I hate drawing books as much as I hate reading them.>D (jkjk) -thanks!~
angelbliss>> Hey thanks! x)
Dellimina>> Thank you for reading~ =D
selena>> haha well I guess it would suck to lose the main character right off the bat huh?xD
ChiakiAida>>T-thanks so much!;w;
KungPaoChow>> I like your avatar >v> lol and thanks for reading!
Gelo>> haha, well I ink by hand and use SAI for smaller details and blacks.~ (oh yea, Im thinking about adding more to the layout in the future as soon as I get the time to do it. xD) *needs father time to die now*
Silvia>> Thank you!^^
Ai Ataru>> Thank you for faving/reading. =3
Kokorachou>> Aaaw thank you very much! ;;

User's Comments:


Nice *0* Okay mmmmm... still no critique from me, but I really like how you drew the first panel and her jacket is cool. =D

keep it up miro x3


*comes out from Alin's locker and hugs him* Lol, Alin is such a doll.. Love him <3

Oh no, Alin has a stalker *runs away with him* xD



That jacket/sweater is like my jacket/sweater.

I feel super-cool now.


Koriragreen>> Thanks koriragreen x)
Anime>> lol **watches you both run into the sunset |)** -then sees him trip-
SuperTangerine>> oh, no way xD thats cool~ Haha


It's interesting so far, keep up the good work.


I really love the storyline and your art -- I can't wait to read more! :D Thanks so much for updating!! Q u Q


0.0 he has a stalker...hide in ur locker Alin! they wont find u there!~ >.> <.< lol


superawsome that you updated xD

Aaah alin run! D: your being stalked >.>; *steals her jacket*


h... how did you not notice those buttons? :U

lol, I think that you drew that book wrong. =v=
I do like the perspective in the first panel though. :U


FAVE >:]
seems interesstiiiiiiiiing


Very nice! You have a great style and lovely art. I look forward to some more pages. ;)


>w< yay~ stalker~8DDDD yup~alin is too precious to lose it~


ohh~ the way you tone is really cool >W<! -me=noob- very nice art~


The artwork in this comic is awesome! I'll keep an eye on it. *fav*

Ai Ataru,

im faving :'3


Sssoo wonderful, your pages are great! XD Im really enjoying the story so far. +watch


Alin, hide now otherwise the stalker will find you! HIDE FOR YOUR LIFE! XD Alin is adorable!


SpikeyRoxas>> oh thanks!~ lol everyone seems to know his name before he was introduced. xD


Wow This page has got me hooked. Your clean lineart and angles just made me fall in love O_O

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