May 4th, 2010, 4:59 pm

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Author's Comments:


Read from Left to Right>>>
(First page kinda snakes wierdly, sorry. ^^;)

Thank you guys for wanting to read this. lol
And by the way, I am open for critiquing but I prefer it be an actual user so guest commenting is off.~

Anyway I tried staying with the golden tone rule of 3-4 tones (was it that?) but its kinda hard. xD And is this size too big? *worries over everything*

ugh and sky toning...lol how to do it right??



Replies SuperTangerine>> lol oh yea so many questions~ Thanks for your input too!
princessia16>>Thank you!
Gigi>> Oh dear xD then I'd probably have rate this 16+ if I did that.>o>; -lol thanks~
koriragreen>>Hey thanks! =D
Pyua>> Oh thank you ;_;
Luver>>Heey!~ Haha oh u >w> Its good to see you back on SJ too!^^
peanutbutterpancakes>> Thanks for the input! ^^ (haha I love any kind of boots<3)
Sawaii Hitomi>>Thank you, I hope I dont disappoint xD
Anime>> Thanks so much >c< good to hear Im not regressing!
Amante-kun>>Oh thanks! Yes I will do my best on this~
thetrashcat>>aww thanks!

Edit: I'll try and get a page up by Friday~ and thanks for reading<3

User's Comments:


The size is fine! I'm not so good with critiquing.

Is that someone about to walk off the roof? Who is that person looking for? Why does the person on the speaker sound like a fake kind of sweet?

So many questions ><


wat a nice begining XD the story sounds interesting so far! and nice toning!


Its suicide!! D:
(loljkjk....i hope)

But wow nice page! 0w0 Yea I kinda agree they sounds o'so fakesweet.xD


you draw buildings so pro man =D and dont worry the sky looks fine to me. Can't wait for more pages!


Hm, I tend to critique when asked, but this page is great! The toning of the sky(if you're worried about that) is fine. No need to worry, you did a great job! We'll support you all the way. =D


omeygawd! It...looks wonderful love ;; lol oh look my first comment in like what...nearly 7 months? *hugs the page* your doing good! xD


Don't worry! This looks great! The character design is cute and the pages are neat and pretty. The size is perfect because it fits nicely in the white center thingy. The sky is well done and your buildings are nice. I can't draw buildings... Also, those rain boors are awesome, I love rain boots. ^.^



Sawaii Hitomi,

XD i can't wait to see more!!!!


I see Alin 8D

Your toning is getting better =)
Love the perspective here and the background x)


No critique from me here, this looks great! Keep it up!


looks good! curious of wat's go'n on 0.0 cnt wait 4 the nxt page ^^


lol i'll try to put as much critique as i can find, man.

I really like the freehand perspective in the second panel, but I think you should try to look at a ref for the shoes/feet. =v=
Try not to keep those sorts of speech bubbles so close to the edges/panel edges, cause it feels weird, at least to me. I don't really know, man.



toboe059>> Thanks!
Choco>> Hey havnt seen you in awhile ^^ Thanks for the input though it helps meh~ *gogogogos- then hits a wall |D*


Heeey thanks yuki!^^
(its okay, its not a requirement at all xD)

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