February 2nd, 2011, 5:33 pm

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Author's Comments:


Im kinda on a sporadic update schedule with this

Thanks to those who waited and to those who
forgot this existed and only remembered it when it updated and still want to give it a chance.~~//watches people leave//

Im working hard on a oneshot to be printed for AX 2011
so all my time is going to that, but Ill try
just as hard to update this too!~


User's Comments:


Yay! Glad to see you haven't forgotten about this awesome comic of yours! I was so happy to see it updated! But good luck on your oneshot, too.
And, haha, he is so fast! Awesome page, Miro!


YAYS! A PAGE! XD OOOH i wannnt miroo d: gimme one for free and i'll draw you lots of stufffffs DX


Oh wow! Alin sure is a fast runner. Good stamina *w*

I will never leave~ XD *hang on to this comic as long as it's here*

Do your best, Miro! Go go! *cheers* (>w<)b

Lavender Okamari,

LOL, Run man runnnnnnn!!!! xDDD
*jumping up and down* Run from Mr. Crazed Bunny!!! <3

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